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David Chen,
the brainchild of this umbrella, started out as a Caribbean Travel Specialist in the UK.  He didn't like what was happening with the Jamaicans there, then at
the age of 18,
he formed 

Voicing for Jamaica

we grew
to The
Caribbean Connection,

then we realised that we had to expand even further - we came with the African Caribbean Connection- ,

and you know what -we had to do it again ... Our FINAL Stop is HERE ---

A Taste of Our Culture

Paradise View, the Sanctuary of David Chen and The A Taste of Our Culture Family, come and enjoy with us ...




The A Taste of Our Culture Network, is a platform  we have
created to assist and promote Positive Interest and Edu-Tainment within all Communities Globally. 
Our Friends are from across the Globe - and as we say in Jamaica - from FOREIGN toYARD - we Connect ONLY for Positive Interest, - with a family friendly attitude - supporting organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals, who would likeminded, to engage new audience.

 Based on our Humanitarian works, as Ambassadors for
Human Rights and Peace
, each project takes us into the different parts of the world and at times, in the most deprived of communities, regardless, the mission is Developing Communities.

Over the years, we have heard some seriously challenging stories - here in Jamaica theres no difference - and, if we are to be honest, the issues will  never go away, but the greatest thing is to reason with those we meet along our journey   - and the list goes on and on and on - regardless, the love of the communiity still stands strong.

We Say - Developing Communiities( No InnerCity ) ...

Working Together for A Better Jamaica

Over the years, David Chen our CEO and Brainchild of
A Taste of Our Culture, Voicing for Jamaica, Paradise View
and a director on the
ArtUpDownTown Educational Pilot Programme, have directed and facilitated projects with organisations such as Youths for Human Rights International, BEN TV, Jamaica Travel Specialist, 
Universal Peace Federation, Levi Roots, Studio 174,
Healthy Plant,  ( Books for Free ).

We Welcome you share your views and comments with us, all will be appreciated, please also complete the form below if you require any further information.

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( It's the Humour in the Production that keep us going ) -
where we elevate those who are new to the Filming
and Journalism World ... it's a Fun Factor with FULL Dedication ...

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